LUMERE-LC (LED Test Production System)

Lumere LC is a LED test and measurement system for various parameters of LED light. It is economical, its geometry conforms with CIE-Publication 127, and the test program is easy to configure and adjust. Main application is in the production of LEDs.

The system can be coupled with a baffle tube Condition A or B for luminous intensity measurement or an Integrating Sphere for luminous flux measurement. Standard sphere sizes of 8”, 6”, and 4”, as well as custom sizes, are available.

Lumere can be combined with Lumeresoft™ software, specifically designed for the LED production environment. It controls the Spectroradiometer and Source Meter and provides the LED binning information via Digital I/O, RS-232, GPIB, Centronics and more.


• Recommended geometry according to CIE Pub. No. 127
• NIST- or PTB-traceable calibrations
• Test time < 90 msec (Near real-time optical measurement)
• Easy connection to handler systems
• Advanced binning management for up to 1024 bins
• User-friendly, scalable test software with flexible programmable test flows
• Real time test data display, statistics report, and low yield trigger
• Spectral Range: 380 nm - 780 nm
• Dynamic Range: 16 Bit / 65536:1 Counts
• Detector: CCD Linear Array, 2048 Pixel
• Flux / Intensity Accuracy: +/- 4%

Wavelength+/- 0.5 nm+/- 0.5 nm
Dominant Wavelength+/-0.5 nm+/- 0.1 nm
Chromaticity Color Coordinates (x,y)+/- 0.003+/- 0.002
Color Correlated Temperature (CCT)+/- 4%+/- 1%

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